Our technical and business experts combine litigation experience with a deep knowledge of pharmaceutical materials, products, processes, and business practices to support IP and antitrust litigation.  They provide outstanding performance with high integrity and credibility.


PIV Product Launch Strategies

Our experts are industry leaders with experience in Life Cycle management and Loss of Exclusivity strategies of innovator (branded) pharmaceutical products, as well as launching PIV and 505B-2 products.

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Confirmation of Particle Technology and/or Nanotechnology

Brand and generic versions of a medicine often contain similar ingredients and are supposed to perform in the same manner.

Are the products the same . . . or are they different?

It often boils down to particles, and how they are assembled to form the product.

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Review/Refine Pharmaceutical Product and Process Design and Patent Security

Pharmaceutical formulations and manufacturing processes are evolving rapidly. New materials and processing methods, innovative testing technologies and changing regulatory expectations combine to create a dynamic intellectual property landscape.

Are you infringing someone’s patent? Or is someone infringing yours?

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Consultation/Verification of Abuse Deterrent Formulation and Technologies

Acumen Biopharma has been involved in opioid IP litigation since 2012, working with 7 clients in 9 different cases, both in the US and in Canada.

To date, Acumen scientists have participated in litigation involving approximately 30 different patents.

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Ingredients and Finished Product Testing for Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

Materials and products are tested during process development, commercial manufacturing . . . and litigation.

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Acumen BioPharma’s Expertise
Our expert witnesses have extensive background, integrity, and uncompromising credibility in pharmaceutical formulation, dosage form manufacturing, process design, characterization of pharmaceutical materials and powder blends, liquids suspensions and solutions, films technology, capsules, tablets and more. Their experience in IP litigation encompasses working knowledge of patent law and a deep understanding of infringement and validity issues, experience working as background consultants, scientific strategists, and testifying witnesses.

This practical acumen complements their strong technical knowledge, creating a powerful combination in support of litigation services.

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  • “Acumen BioPharma has been instrumental for my practice in intellectual property litigation in the identification of cutting edge technology to conduct scientific analysis. Acumen's process emphasizes detailed coordination focused on customer deadlines.”
    - Patent Litigator, Washington DC
  • “As a patent litigator involved in Hatch Waxman related cases, I have been very satisfied with the excellence of services and consistent timely delivery received from Acumen BioPharma.  Acumen brings together top scientists from different disciplines in pharmaceutical manufacturing technology to conduct in-depth scientific assessment of patents and provide technical advice based on solid scientific grounds.  ”
    - Patent litigator, California based law firm
  • “ In my patent litigation practice, Acumen has consistently been able to provide excellent technical advice, comprehensive laboratory testing services (including re-creation of critical prior art examples) and has done so on very challenging timelines.”
    - Patent litigator, major New York area law firm


  • Connect with and engage experts that will make a meaningful difference.

  • Work with a “deep bench” of experts supported by highly trained technical personnel who can perform testing, literature searches, computer modeling, statistical data analysis, and many other relevant services.

  • Leverage the expertise developed by industry leaders.

  • Reduce the time, expense and risks associated with searching for the right expert, information, analytical technology or laboratory facility.