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Acumen BioPharma strives to deliver objective technical opinions based on rigorous established science. Throughout the engagement, we will strive to provide our clients with honest and reliable technical assessments of their scientific positions. We provide flexible, personalized services with a strong focus on meeting your timelines and the case schedule.


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  • “Acumen BioPharma has been instrumental for my practice in intellectual property litigation in the identification of cutting edge technology to conduct scientific analysis. Acumen's process emphasizes detailed coordination focused on customer deadlines.”
    - Patent Litigator, Washington DC
  • “As a patent litigator involved in Hatch Waxman related cases, I have been very satisfied with the excellence of services and consistent timely delivery received from Acumen BioPharma.  Acumen brings together top scientists from different disciplines in pharmaceutical manufacturing technology to conduct in-depth scientific assessment of patents and provide technical advice based on solid scientific grounds.  ”
    - Patent litigator, California based law firm
  • “ In my patent litigation practice, Acumen has consistently been able to provide excellent technical advice, comprehensive laboratory testing services (including re-creation of critical prior art examples) and has done so on very challenging timelines.”
    - Patent litigator, major New York area law firm


  • A strong network of top academic and industry scientists in pharmaceutical design, development and manufacturing technology

  • World-leading research programs in pharmaceutical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical powder technology, and other critical topics

  • An established track record for excellence