Case Study 4 – Abuse deterrent opioid products litigation, 2014

The Challenge:

The case required replicating prior art Hot Melt Extrusion tablets and examining the viscosity of solutions obtained when dissolving the tablets in 1 to 10 ml of water.

The Acumen Approach:

Acumen worked with two defendants, using the same team as in the 2013 litigation to provide services that included:

  • Manufacturing additional tablets using hot melt extrusion and direct compression.
  • Testing the viscosity and syringeability of solutions prepared using both hot melt extrusion tablets and direct compression tablets.
  • Demonstrating that the language in the patent regarding viscosity testing was indefinite.
  • Supporting claim construction arguments.
  • Performing multiple literature searches to complement expert reports.
  • Assisting attorneys in preparing trial demonstratives.
  • Providing court testimony.
The Result:

Case was won by Acumen client and a patent was invalidated.