Case Study 1 – The internal structure of a pharmaceutical product

The Challenge:

The case required elucidation of the internal structure of capsules manufactured by wet granulation followed by blending. Litigation required high-resolution testing of the capsules to determine which ingredients were in contact with other ingredients.

The Acumen Approach:

Acumen BioPharma formed a team of three senior academic experts supported by three laboratory researchers working in four different laboratories, using a combination of experimental methods (Scanning Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy,Raman Scanning Spectroscopy, X-Ray Computer Tomography) and computer models to examine the frequency of ingredient contacts within capsules. These techniques were used to acquire high-resolution pictures of the internal structure of the particles within the capsule.

The Result:

Results demonstrated a high number of contacts between critical ingredients; case was settled in client’s favor.